Check out 14 Idols Entertainment Companies Regret For Letting Them Go
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1. BTS – Jin
Jin from BTS may have made his debut as a member of EXO if things didn’t work out the way they did. Before joining BTS, he was offered an audition by an SM representative who spotted him on the streets. He did not attend because he thought the whole thing was a scam.

2. 2NE1 – CL
CL from 2NE1 was actually a JYP trainee before joining YG Entertainment. CL still maintains close relationships with JYP singers to this day

3. SISTAR – Hyorin
Hyorin could have debuted as a 3 member group from JYP Entertainment. But during the preparations, things fell apart and she eventually joined Starship Entertainment and became a member of SISTAR.

4. B.A.P – Zelo
B.A.P Zelo had ties with YG Entertainment, but was held back because of his young age. He finally took his chance as a trainee with TS Entertainment and debuted as a member of B.A.P.

5. WINNER – Mino
At a young age, WINNER’s Mino was affiliated with the pre-debut members of Block B but eventually joined YG Entertainment as a member of WINNER.

14 Idols Entertainment Companies Regret For Letting Them Go



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