Month: February 2018

Entertainment 1×01 – Toma polla

A Tomás y Antonio se les ocurre la idea de grabar todo lo que pasa en la productora para montar un reality sobre la triste vida después de Malviviendo. Esto coincide con la llegada de Óscar, el nuevo y particular becario. ¡SUSCRÍBETE y no te pierdas ningún capítulo! Sigúenos en Twitter: Y en Facebook:...

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How to Clone Your Pet

Barbra Streisand recently revealed that two of her fluffy white Coton de Tulear pups are clones of her dog Samantha who died last year. Yes, cloning your dog is a thing, and if you have a ton of money lying around, you can do it too. Texas-based ViaGen offers the service for dogs at $50,000 and cats at $25,000, each payable in two installments. But first, you’ll have to send the company a tissue sample, usually four small pieces of shaved skin. A veterinarian can take the samples while your pet is still alive, or the company also provides...

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Michael Moore Tries To Say That Women Are Better Than Men And Gets Shut Down By A Feminist

Here us out. Feminism is not about putting women on a pedestal or claiming that they are powerless to make any bad decisions. (Though, many people like to think that it is, in a effort to bring the movement down.) It’s about equality. And implying that women can essentially do no bad is not only harmful, it’s just plain not true. And while Moore’s intentions were good (feminism can really benefit from white men in positions of power using their privilege to shed light on some pretty important topics,) they were inhearently false. Which is exactly what Ellis was...

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Play Six Degrees of Wikipedia

Ten years ago, we wrote about Six Degrees of Wikipedia, a cute web page that would find the link path between any two Wikipedia pages. Now there’s a new visual version, by a different developer, with an updated database. The new Six Degrees of Wikipedia visualizes all the shortest paths between any two entries as a network map. You can drag the map around and click any point to go to the relevant Wikipedia page, where you can see the context in which things were linked. The results give you the trippy feeling that everything is connected—because it is....

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