Month: March 2018

Ararat Entertainment – Kesete Gebremedhn-Hiewaney/ሄዋነይ/ New Eritrean Music 2018

© Copyright: Ararat Entertainment. Any unauthorized use, copying or distribution is strictly prohibited.ዝኸበርኩም ኣሕዋት ኣብዚ ቻነል ዝወርዱ ቪድዮታት ዳውንሎድ ምግባርን ኣብ ዘይተደለየ መዓላ ምውዓልን፣ ንስነጥበባውያን የሕዋትና ኣዝዩ ሃሳዪ ምኻኑ ተገንዚብና ዓቢ ጥንቃቀ ክንገብር...

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The Best Time to Buy Flights, Based on 917 Million Airfares

Image: Pexels Anyone who has ever purchased a plane ticket can tell you there’s a “right” and “wrong” time to buy. Plane ticket prices fluctuate, and when you purchase your ticket can mean a difference of literally hundreds of dollars, depending on where you’re traveling to. Travel booking site recently revealed the results of its 2018 Airfare study, a study where it looked at 917 million different flights listed on its site to determine where the perfect time to buy is. The results are pretty interesting. The big question: How far in advance should you buy? Everyone knows...

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Here are 15 Funny Crayon FMLs for National Crayon Day

Here are 15 Funny Crayon FMLs for National Crayon Day By Nadine / samedi 31 mars 2018 10:00 You wouldn’t think crayon’s could cause too much damage… or is that exactly what you’d think? Either way, FMLs-a-plenty! 1. Keep your demonic children away from this house please. 2. That’ll do the trick!   3. Maybe instead, explain the process of natural selection? 4. She STARTED it. 5. Two birds with one stone!   6. Soooo what you’re saying is, you didn’t appreciate it? 7. She had to learn it from somewhere! 8. Hi, is anyone there? 9. There is...

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