Month: August 2018

Best Ad Management Plugins for WordPress

Placing ads strategically and effectively on a WordPress site requires effective management of the ads. Ad plugins for WordPress handle these management activities. Some WordPress themes provide ad management, but if you need more functionality, or your theme doesn’t have ad management features, consider an Ad Manager plugin. These plugins offer varying degrees of functionality Many of them allow you to display affiliate banners, sell advertising space, run Google AdSense, rotate ads, etc. Here is a quick overview of some great advertising management plugins: AdSanity AdSanity is a light ad rotator plugin for WordPress. It’s one of the newest plugins...

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How 16 Companies are Dominating the Google Results, Even in the WordPress Space

Earlier this week I came across an article on SEO blog Viperchill about how 16 companies are dominating the world’s Google search results. I found it quite eye-opening as well as a bit disconcerting. Brands/websites that most of us think as separate are actually owned by the same partent company and are not really offering us totally separate opinions. Apart from that they can interlink between them in order to dominate the search results. Out of curiosity I checked whether this is already happening in the WordPress world as well, and sure enough, it is. I remember a year...

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3 Ways To Excite Your Customers With WooCommerce Coupons

E-Commerce is getting more and more competitive by the day. The amount of sophistication store owners need to display in the way they do business is very high. This sets the bar really high for people just opening a WooCommerce store. It also makes it hard to know what to invest in when it comes to marketing tools – there are a plethora of options out there that all promise to deliver untold amounts of revenue. My comment on this is that there is one tried and true promotional tool that store owners should be using above all others:...

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Visual Composer Review: Overhauling the WordPress Editing Experience

WordPress is well-known as a user-friendly platform. Its editing interface is easy to learn, and streamlines the process of creating content. However, in some ways the WordPress editor is almost too simplified, which has led many people to look for alternative solutions. This is where page builders come into the picture. Also known as ‘site builders’ or ‘website editors’, page builder plugins provide you with an editing interface that is more visual, intuitive, and feature-rich. While there are a lot of these plugins out there, Visual Composer is far and away the most popular. Of course, popularity isn’t everything....

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Awesome Giveaway: Win 1 of 3 Jupiter V6 Licenses

Again, we’ve partnered up with Artbees to give you a chance to participate in this great giveaway and to win 1 of 3 Jupiter V6 WordPress Theme Licenses. Those of you who run WooCommerce online shops or have worked with WooCommerce premium themes are well aware of their limits. Whatever premium theme you use, the customizability you get for shop sections such as product list, product detail, shopping cart and checkout pages is zero to none or can only be done via custom coding which in itself is a painful process and sometimes requires extra fees. Jupiter WooCommerce Shop Customizer which is...

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