Month: October 2018

How To Boost Average Order Value with Upsells

WooCommerce one-click upsells or post-purchase upsells are upsells after the checkout. Once a customer enters their payment details and clicks ‘place order’ on the checkout page, you show them relevant upsell offers related to their recent purchase. They can add the offer to their order with a single click i.e., without re-entering their payment and billing details. In this post, I’ll show you how you can use WooCommerce one-click upsells to boost your average order value. I’ll be using UpStroke one-click upsells to do that, you can watch the video tutorial with the use cases here. But first, let’s look...

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How Does WordPress’ Performance Compare to Other CMS Options?

I recently read an article by Danny Richman from where he crawled one million websites to find the best CMS platform. It got me thinking about WordPress’ current performance capabilities and the community’s ability and/or willingness to implement the best possible solutions for website performance and SEO. We have all encountered slow WordPress sites and also a few very fast ones, so I’m not coming to any conclusions here. The performance of your site does depend completely on how you set it up, however, the platform also plays a big part. Website owners should always strive for better...

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When to Release Plugin Updates

We recently re-launched our EDD Bookings plugin with a completely revamped code-base. The modularity applied to the development of this plugin goes beyond any project we undertook in the past, and way beyond what 99% of plugins out there have done too. Development wasn’t the only area we worked on improving though. One other facet of our processes that we wanted to work on was the release cycle. That’s where a discussion between myself as the product owner and the developers took place. Although you read about plenty of bi-weekly or other pre-set times for release cycles, we opted...

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5 of the Best Ad Management Plugins Compared

There are plenty of ways to generate income from your website. Of course, the direct route is to simply sell products online. However, there are many other ways. For example, you can solicit donations, charge subscriptions, or run targeted ads to visitors. To achieve the latter with success, you’ll want to peruse some of the better ad management plugins available. At their most basic, ad management plugins simply let you insert ads onto your site’s posts and pages. However, depending on the functionality you require, there’s lots of other functionality you can leverage. For example, you may find reporting...

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Why Our New Plugin Started at Version 0.1

When we re-launched EDD Bookings a few weeks back, we did so at version 0.1. This might not be the norm in the WordPress space as most plugin developers and owners tend to release at 1.0. There may be reasons for doing so, be it for development, marketing or anything else. In fact, WordPress itself has a version numbering system that even the Codex writers themselves admit is weird. Here’s a look at why we opted for a more structured approach. We chose to follow SemVer (Semantic Versioning) – a widely adopted standard for versioning that advocates the use of version...

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