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Essential WordPress Security 2018 – Part One

One of the most pernicious myths about WordPress is that it is vulnerable to hackers. As the most popular Content Management System, running almost 60% of all websites that use a CMS, there will always be some WordPress sites that are no longer actively maintained or whose owners are simply unaware of what they need to do, so, yes, we will keep hearing about WordPress sites that have been hacked. The truth is, however, that the huge and extremely active WordPress community, who follow the latest security trends and spring into action whenever a vulnerability is discovered, make the...

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Here’s The Difference Between Synthetic And Normal Motor Oil, And What The Numbers On The Bottle Mean

I just changed the oil in my Nissan Pao last week, and in doing so I was warned—several times—that my plan to replace the conventional oil in my car with synthetic was a terrible idea. But you know what? It’s not! That got me thinking that maybe a little oil refresher might be of use. Not to you, of course, you know all this stuff. For everyone else. Let’s start with the basics: car engines use oil to lubricate all of the many moving parts. Without oil, parts would rub together, causing damage and friction, which in turn would...

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Make Buncha Crap Green Smoothie and save yourself a buncha green

Photo: Kaycco (Getty Images) “This shit is expensive.” Make the decision to (ostensibly) improve your health with fresh or cold-pressed fruit and/or vegetable juices, and you’ll inevitably make that realization. The pre-bottled stuff at your local supermarket probably costs $10 or more per bottle—and can have questionable ingredients. If you want to make your own, juicers are expensive and notoriously a hassle to clean up. Chances are you also have a juice retailer near you as well; the U.S. juice and smoothie market pulls down $2 billion, and the U.S. market for cold-pressed juices alone is expected to reach...

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Create Your Own Live Wallpaper for Your Android Device With ‘KLWP’

Android: Nobody likes a boring home screen. And while you get a number of default options within Android to pretty up your device, you can get a lot more creative if you build your own live wallpaper. KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker is the perfect “the sky is the limit” app, for its usefulness is directly correlated to how much time you’re willing to spend in it, making the live wallpaper of your dreams. Screenshot: David Murphy The app is somewhat easy to use—and I don’t say that to warn anybody off. Rather, it’s just full of all sorts of...

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The Best Deals on the Web For May 23, 2018

A $15 bonus at Lowe’s, discounted OLED TVs, a Dremel 3000, and more lead today’s best deals. Wednesday’s Best Lifestyle Deals: Nordstrom, Amazon Swimwear, Alternative Apparel, and More Alternative Apparel’s Friends & Family sale, Nordstrom’s Half-Yearly Sale, Prime Exclusive… Read more Read Welcome to The Inventory Back in 2012, we launched the daily deals roundup that would come to be known as Kinja Deals. While … Read more Read Bookmark Kinja Deals and follow us on Twitter to never miss a deal. BEST TECH DEALS Update: This deal is back in stock if you missed it a few weeks...

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