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Should I tip in cash or on a card?

Salty Waitress is The Takeout’s advice column from a real-life waitress that will teach you how not to behave like a garbage person while dining out—and maybe in real life. Dear Salty, With tricky minimum wage laws, tax laws, restaurant policies and credit card fees, does leaving the tip in cash vs adding it to the credit card make a difference in what the server takes home at the end of the night? Thanks, Intermittently Cashless Dear Cashless, Questions about tipping in cash versus on a card are the most common topic I’m asked about, so let’s finally set...

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MassDrop’s Blowing Out Last Year’s Sony OLED TVs 

We’ve seen a lot of deals on last year’s LG OLED TVs, but today, MassDrop’s selling last year’s Sony A1E OLED sets for the best prices ever. The headlining feature (some would say gimmick) of the A1E is that it actually uses micro-vibrations of the display to generate sound, turning the entire set into a speaker. Let’s be honest though, if you’re spending over $2,000 on a TV, you probably at least have a sound bar to plug into it, if not a complete home theater audio setup. Sony’s New OLED TV Is Both the Screen and the Speaker...

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Open Letter to Blizzard Entertainment from Mark Kern

A message from Mark Kern to Blizzard @grummz Graphics by (CHECK HIM OUT!) Please sign the petition to help out! The more the better – Awesome work guys. Thank you for doing this for the World of Warcraft community...

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Unlock the Best Price Ever On the August Smart Lock

August’s 2nd genration Smart Lock lets you lock and unlock your door from anywhere using your phone, it’s even compatible with Siri, and you can get it for just $100 for the first time ever today. Assuming you have your phone with you whenever you leave the house, an August Smart Lock-installed door will auto lock behind you and unlock as you approach. It’s especially useful because you don’t have to necessarily be home to grant or restrict access to people like dog walkers, maintenance workers, or other people who need to come into your house. It even creates...

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Road Less Traveled – Official Trailer – MarVista Entertainment

You love the song, now watch the movie! Award-Winning country music star Lauren Alaina stars in this heart-warming romantic drama! Available for purchase here: Country music singer Charlotte comes back home to Tennessee a week before she’s set to get married, hoping to borrow her late mother’s wedding dress from her grandmother. But when she runs into her high school sweetheart, Ray, sparks begin to fly. As emotions with Ray get complicated and her record label continues to pressure her to write a new hit song, Charlotte questions if she ever should have left Tennessee in the first...

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