A pair of conjoined twins that was reportedly dubbed a “miracle baby” by locals in northern India has died, 30 days after their remarkable birth.

What should have been any expecting mother’s dream come true turned into tragedy, The Sun reports.

The boys, born in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, were found sharing one body containing a single heart and one lung for each of them, according to Caters News agency.

Video taken shortly after their delivery shows their two heads and body gently sleeping in a blanket. Their heartbroken mother, Anita Kumar, 30, appears stony-faced while cradling her babies. She refers to the newborns as one child. 

“I thought my baby boy would be like others but he is not fine,” she said, according to the Sun. “I would have been very happy if he was a normal baby but this is tragic. I’m finding this very difficult.”

Kumar also has two girls, London’s Mail Online reported.

Back in 2014, another set of conjoined twins died 20 days after their birth in Haryana, India. Those girls also appeared with two heads and one body.

“I wanted to raise them and for our daughter to have sisters but God had a different plan,” the twins’ father, Subhash, told news agency Cover Asia Press. “The fact they survived for 20 days was even a miracle.”


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