Drum Roll Please… The 10 Funniest Comments Of The Week Are In!

By Nadine /
samedi 9 juin 2018 05:30

The irony is the FML of waiting around for these…. but, It’s ok. We love you anyway.


“Extra FML — it was Pennywise.”JasonThorn

9. Made it in just for ‘Agent JPN, signing out.”

“Your helicopter mom may have powers granted by the devil himself… to test our theory you need to quickly buy a plane ticket to Asia (I recommend Mongolia).

While you are hanging with the Mongols, you can warn them about the monster known as “mom” and see how long it takes her to track you down with her devil granted powers.

Once you check in with the time it took her, we will plot our next move.
Agent jpn signing out”me_in_jpn

8.  Titties titties titties

“Q: What’s the same about boobs and Legos? A: They were made for children, but it’s the men who play with them.”  –ChromoTec

7.  And some more titties

As much as I like boobs, I imagine in a few days they won’t be very a-peeling.”RichardPencil

6. 10/10 response if OP could make it out alive

“Just say you have had better fluids splashed on you and holy water can’t compare.”Leeono

5. It’s like the friend zone, but for people who go to monster truck rallies

This is the first time I’ve heard of the ‘truck-zone’”ChromoTec  

4. Pika-wut

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