You think you have identified the developer you want to build your multilingual website. But just like with lawyers, plumbers, or any other time you put the fate of an important project in the hands of a relative stranger, a lingering doubt always remains.

Have I made the right decision?

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be like this.

At least when it comes to developers. With WPML Contractors, you will find trusted professionals who have experience in building multilingual websites. It is great news for developers too who can spend less time looking for work and more time helping businesses reach new customers.

And for those undertaking large projects with lots of content such as an e-commerce or directory site, you’ll be happy to discover our new display as translated option will make it a lot easier to post untranslated content in all languages.

How developers and hirers both benefit from WPML Contractors

Think of WPML Contractors as a matchmaking service, pairing businesses eager to expand into new markets with developers who are experienced in WPML and are looking for new projects.

If you are a business, you might already have a specific idea of what you need from a developer and what your budget is. Using WPML Contractors, you will be able to filter our database to find specific professionals with a track record of carrying out your tasks.

Let’s imagine you want an English-speaking developer to build and maintain your whole website using the Enfold theme. As you can see, it is straightforward to identify a shortlist of candidates to choose from.

Finding trusted developers on WPML Contractors is easy.

Even if you are still not sure of your requirements, you can check out our list of developers to see a profile you would like to work with.

Each of our developers has created a page which essentially acts as their résumé. Check out the one below as an example:

A multilingual website developer's profile

Clients are able to browse the developer’s profile.

Hirers can view a description of the individual/agency, the type of work they carry out as well as their portfolio. You never know, you might come across a great multilingual website which you simply have to have for yourself.

Indeed, this is where developers can benefit as they will find it much easier to secure work. As opposed to reaching out to potential clients or hoping they land on their professional website, they now have one site which will be used by companies and individuals looking for web experts to build their multilingual websites. But how can clients be sure they are hiring what is advertised?

Fortunately, WPML ensures that only experienced developers with a proven track record can be found on the contractors database. Each one has been using WPML for at least six months and will have submitted three registered sites for review.

Now if you are hoping to build a major e-commerce or directory multilingual website then our new translation mode might also be of interest.

How display as translated helps to build your multilingual website

Display as translated ensures your untranslated content appears across every language on your site without having to duplicate it.

Imagine a real estate website which has just created a new post showcasing a property for sale. Rather than waste potentially valuable time waiting for translations, they are able to publish it in the original language on all of its websites for buyers to view. In addition, the site’s header, menu and footer will remain in the language selected by the buyer. Customers will find it easy for them to submit inquiries or arrange a viewing.

Furthermore, you do not need to worry about SEO either. WPML tells Google that the content which appears on each of your translated websites are duplicates and can be ignored. Once it is translated, Google recognize the post as original content.

Below is an example of English content being displayed on the Spanish page. Notice how the header, menu and footer are still in Spanish.

Display as translated

Display as translated makes it easier to build multilingual websites.

For businesses looking to expand, having a great multilingual website is crucial. With WPML Contractors and “display as translated” you now have the right people with the right tools for the job.

Find a developer you can trust. Check out WPML Contractors now to start building the perfect multilingual website today.

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