Here Are 14 Of The Funniest Comments From This Week!

By Nadine /
samedi 23 juin 2018 05:30

The FML community was on fire this week. With a grand total of 14 funny comments, it was tough to pick the best one.

14. OP really needs to let us in on that thought process. 

“I can solemnly and truthfully say I have never thought to myself ‘no one is home…better get COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY NAKED AND EAT A CAKE THAT ISN’T MINE.’”ForSeriousReally  

13. Forget the family, where do you hide the cake!?

“You didn’t think that through very well. When you’re butt naked you have nowhere to hide the cake” –  fabs1171  

12. Could go either way. Funny in both cases.

“is this FML because your name is Susan?”blahblabbity

“Or because your name ISN’T Susan?”jbuckets_404  

11. Torture.

“So you’re saying you no longer have periods. You have sentences.”CurmudgeonCrunch  

10. Funny, if OP is in fact a woman (Follow up, please!)

“Well, at least he wasn’t lying when he said you’re the only woman in his life…” GMSP  

9. Tue. See previous FML. 

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