It’s that wonderful time of year where the weather is mild for about, 2 weeks. before the scorching heat settles in, (like, tomorrow,) and all your clothes get drenched in sweat and and you feel like you need to shower 18 times a day, maybe it’s better to resolve just stay inside all summer and read funny tweets. Yeah? Good choice! Here are the 16 funniest ones from this week. 

1. They’re at it again

2. Legend.


4. Have some respect.


6. We’ve all been there.

7. The accuracy.

8. This is the funniest tweet of the month y’all.

9. If you find this dog can you send him my way?

10. Thankful for the man who immortalized this Craigslist ad.

11. Give this kid $100 next time, they deserve it.

12. Stop what you’re doing and watch this cat sneeze.

13. All-Star by Smashmouth is now stuck in your head.

14. Lil’ dumb cat

15. You have so much to live for!

16.Girl, that text was not meant for you.