Instead of saying it for every single photo example we use, we’ll just say it once. What on earth were we thinking!? Luckily, these days are behind us, but unfortunately, we’ll probably be saying the same thing about our fashion choices in 2028 looking back on 2018. 

1. Unnecessarily super thin eyebrows… ladies, you could just shave them off completely and not have to worry about your brows at all. You would probably also look just as ridiculous.

2. Frosted tips. A 90s boy bend trend that seeped into the 2000s for an offensively long time.

3. Any wording on the butt at all. That was a thing.

4. The sign of the douchebag: Ed Hardy T shirts.

5. Jeans under dresses. Though we still occasionally see this look from some poor lady who did not get the memo that this trend should have never been in in the first place.

6. Remember jelly bracelets? A total thing until some perves decide certain colors signify your virginity and sexual orientation annnnnd then that was the end of them.

7. Everyone had an Avril Lavigne CD, wore these belts, and fried their hair with a flat iron like it was going out of style. (They were right. It was going out of style.)

8. Before Kylie brought lipgloss back on the market, it was rarely used in place of lipstick. Probably because we all had nightmares about the glittery lipgloss days from the 2000s…

9. Remember that Avril Lavigne phase? Yeah, just add these. Also, Happy Bunny everything.

10. *Cringe* These bags.

11. Cargo pants were also a thing at one point. WHY DOES ANYONE NEED THIS MANY POCKETS?

12. Honestly could anyone actually see shit through these things?

What was your cringiest 2000s trend? Drop a comment below and let us know!