A chinese woman really gave it to her Filipino helper when the woman dared to bring two dogs while walking with a baby, reported ABS-CBN News.

The tirade lasted about 5 minutes with both women screaming at each other at what appears to be a park in Hong Kong.

“You should go back to the Philippines! Bad attitude, bad helper!” the woman shouted.

In addition to this racist remark and many other insults, the woman is seen in the video tsaying  “shut the fuck up! You are just a helper, OK?” 

She really lost it over this baby/dog combo situation. Sorry lady, but in this day and age with the internet, anyone can be filming and expose you for the ass-face that you are. It might benefit you more to just be a nice person.

Check out the video for yourselves and let us know if her outrage was justified.

(Spoiler alert: it ws not.)